NATS stuff!

Katie, Jennifer, and Les were superstars and have figured out how to make your very own density tank. Instructions here:
Rebecca H. also presented on layered curriculum. Her information is here:

Adobe Connect #1 supplemental documents

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Andrill website on climate change click here.

Jay's webquest:

Jay's Balloon in the microwave:

And the "big" pop:

Katy's density materials: , ,
Other sugar density stuff from Jay:

Cathy's rocket materials(including rubric):

Adobe Connect #2 supplemental documents

Carolyn's population materials:

Carolyn's web links (also in the Power Point):
Paula's (Polla's?) article: The Tragedy of the Commons

Deb Meyer's Fossil materials:

Deb's web links (also in the PDF):

Jen Van Rooyen's heat energy transfer materials:

Untried, and looking for feedback if you use it!

Adobe Connect #3 materials:

Mary Jo's Plate tectonics lesson/powerpoint. (Websites are listed in the PPT.)
Mary Jo's web links (also in the ppt, some links not included in this list as they are in another portion of this wiki):
Helen's Tricky tracks fossil lesson materials:
Les's Erosion Inquiry lesson materials:
NDE's Standards Instruction Tools Stream table inqury lesson: Remember that this one is geared for a first year teacher or one who is terrified of Inquiry!
Sabrena's Lesson plan
Sabrena's rubric


Adobe connect #4 materials:

Patricia Hawkins Astronomy lab: How Big? How Far? How Old? from Nasa:

Polla Harley's universe lesson activities:

Carson and Paula's What's Inside? Earth Structure lesson materials:

Rebecca Hamata's vortex materials: