About me:

I have been a teacher for eleven years. Ten of those years have been at Westside High school. During my time at Westside, I have been involved with writing curriculum for two natural science courses. Most recently, I serve as team leader for the Earth & Space science course. I am married with three children, ages 15, 12, and 7. They are a challenge and a joy!

L to R: JT, Sam, and Alex
My husband & I celebrated our anniversary in Cancun for a 2nd honeymoon this year.

About my class:

The Earth & Science course covers astronomy, meteorology, and geology in one, very short, semester. The course fills a requirement for most students at WHS, so we see approximately 400 sophmore and junior students per year. This course is taught as a team with common lessons and assessments. Westside is also on a modular scheduling system. This means that it runs much like college scheduling. The students have a different schedule every day, there are large group lectures, small group discussions, and lab groups. This type of schedule demands a tremendous amount of responsibilty from the students, but gives them much more opportunity to work with teachers as well.

A little fun:

Enjoy this 2012 video of some of the WHS teachers in our annual half time show. I'm in the pink/purple/green in the back corner.

Enjoy this 2011 version, too. I'm the one in the feather boa.