• Paper airplane templates - The website where I got all of the templates and instructions.
  • Chasing4Life - A motivational/educational speaker. Primary focus is disaster preparation, but can focus on the meteorology aspect. Hire him for the day and send around to ALL (or as many as he can) schools in your district for one price.
  • University of West Florida - Basic animations for weather concepts and global wind.
  • Weather Spark - interactive maps for your area, your data. How cool is that?
  • Heat capacity or specific heat of water - demo for climate change or latent heat of water.
  • NASA Imaging - satellite tornado imagery, very cool applications.
  • Adiabatic cooling tutorial - contains animations, definitions, the works!
  • Mac OSX app - you be the meteorologist! (You can probably search and find one for your PC, too.)
  • RADAR SCOPE - the best app for your phone if you are a storm chaser wannabe. It's expensive as far as apps go, but worth every penny in terms of data you get!


Natural Resources