Welcome to KICKS Earth & Space Wiki!

It is such a privelage to be working with you.

Our objectives:
  • Increase our knowledge in Geology, Meteorology, and Astronomy.
  • Develop our use of Inquiry in a 7-12 science classroom.
  • Develop our abilities to work with ELL students.

What else?

  • We will share content, lessons, and ideas. (Please note: this website contains lessons and ideas for use in both a middle school setting as well as a high school setting. Use what you need!)
  • Learn ways to incorporate different learning styles into the science classroom.
  • Learn ways to utilize both low and high tech instruments in the science classroom.
  • Support each other in our challenges in order to grow and become better instructors.

Overview Concept Map

  • Welcome to a Prezi! This map is like a powerpoint, but different.
  • Benefits of Prezi:
    • It is different. Novel items will draw your students.
    • It is spacial. Students can see how ideas are interrelated. Like a concept map, this will benefit your ELL kiddos.
    • Great for visual learners/thinkers.
    • It is clickable and interactive.
    • You can get an educators account to avoid banner ads.
  • Drawbacks:
    • Like any new program, there will be a learning curve for you to get used to building them. Plan extra time! (Plus, they are fun to build/change, so I usually find myself playing more and working less.)
    • Some viewers don't like how they move. Fewer stops on your path may help. Use the hidden frame feature to accomplish this. You can also click and zoom manually to help this.

Sample syllabus: Here is the syllabus that our course used this last year. Our course runs for a semester, so these repeat. Happy planning!

To use the wiki, use the navigation bar. Let me know if you have problems with this site.

If you love KICKS, two other opportunities you may benefit from:
  1. CSI: Coaching Science Inquiry in rural schools is another offering you may be interested in. Find out more here: http://r2ed.unl.edu/research_programs_pd_science.shtml
  2. Peer Coaching: A new aspect of KICKS for the 2014 summer/school year. We will work on PD with you to improve instructional strategies of your choosing. We will use the Marzano model and make it work with your schools requirements as necessary.